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Our Team

About Our Motivated Team Members:

Harry Cook (Medical and Healthcare IT)

Harry Cook is an expert in the medical field. He holds the Degree of Doctor of Medicine. He has been contributing to the field of medical and healthcare IT from last 10 years. He loves to connect with nature and spend special moments with his family when he gets spare time from his busy work schedule.

Jeffrey Rojas (Biotechnology)

Jeffrey Rojas comes from biotechnology background with his Master’s Degree in biotechnology. He has given 7 years of his life to the field of biotechnology. Jeffrey is a prominent personality and possesses a rich knowledge of his domain. When he gets free time off his work, he is busy reading the books on the latest technology.

Melissa Gray (Pharma)

Melissa Gray is a well-known media magnet and has given a great contribution to the field of pharmacy. She completed her Doctor of Pharmacy. Melissa has been working in the pharmacy field for last 8 years and is proficient in her domain. She is fond of plants and has a great collection of different types of plants.